Queen's University engineering frosh week: Hair & games

School's back- well, almost. It's frosh week here on Queen's campus, also known as initiation, freshman or orientation week at other schools. Our engineering department's undergrads are putting on their usual show, in rough accordance with the school's long-standing traditions (although things are slightly more tame than they used to be in the days before senior administration was involved in the planning of festivities).

There's the hair, for starters, "EngCuts" being far beyond anything conceived of by mere mortal hairdressers:

Lights and ice

I love shooting at night. In the absence of natural light, the mundane can become extraordinary.

And while I'm not exactly a cold-weather person, winter does have its charms. Especially at night.

Sorting through some of my old files, I came across this series of images. Several days of icy wind storms had churned up Lake Ontario, and the spray froze onto whatever it touched- in this case, the street lamps along the waterfront pathway at Spencer Smith Park in Burlington, Ontario. The resulting sculptures, lit from within by sodium-vapour bulbs, were marvelous.


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