Lake Louise

You just can't drive the Trans-Canada and not make a stop at Lake Louise. It's the definitive, textbook example of an idyllic mountain lake. And it's at exactly the point where you have to stop for a rest anyway when heading west from Calgary. Not surprisingly, it's also the definitive, textbook example of a smoothly run tourist trap.

Here's why:

Bahá'í Temple at Wilmette

As the Bahá'í Faith began to take root in North America in the early years of the twentieth century, a group of mostly American Bahá'ís decided it was about time for the new and rapidly growing religion to have a proper temple in the New World. The cornerstone was laid by Abdu’l-Baha in 1912, but it would take another four decades to finance, build and finish the House of Worship for the Americas, in Willmette, Illinois.

Lake Winnipeg

When you ask trans-Canada travellers if there's anything to do in Manitoba, the answer is often "Hmm, well, let's see.... not much".

It turns out that often-ignored Manitoba has plenty of nice little places to enjoy, if you're willing to get off the highway for a while. It's a relatively short hop (a bit under an hour north of Highway One) to get to Lake Winnipeg.


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