Ice-up day

It's that time of year again... ice-up day in Kingston! It's hard to tell whether the lake is frozen clear across to Wolfe Island (I don't dare walk out on day-old ice), but what's here is clear, clean and covered in ducks.

Ice on Lake Ontario

These little guys insist on sticking around, whatever the weather. They're not particularly well sheltered from the wind, though.

Ducks at Ontario Street ramp

Yachts on the hard always have a sort of sad, dejected look to them. It's almost as if they know they're out of their element, resigned to hanging on through the wind, snow and twenty-below temperatures of the winter months. Wrapped in their heat-shrink blankets and exposed to the brunt of the Lake Ontario westerlies, they keep each other company as they dig in for five more months in hibernation.

Ice and sun at Kingston Yacht Club

I must admit, I'm a little surprised by how photos are turning out on this $100 cellphone camera (an LG Keybo2/9200). It won't replace my trusty Olympus, but it does work remarkably well for a cheap, tiny sensor on a cheap, tiny lens.

Ice in the KYC harbour






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