What killed this tree?


I'm rather mystified as to why this one tree (a conifer, no less) has gone completely orange while its otherwise identical neighbours are healthy and green.

Those of you who love chimping away at cameras might find it interesting to compare the fully post-processed image (above) with the straight-out-of-camera version (below). The contrast is tricky here- had I exposed for the sky, the trees would be black; exposing the trees washes out the sky. I usually shoot in JPEG when the light allows it, but situations like this are where raw capture mode is helpful: the extra data in the raw file allowed me to darken the overexposed sky, restoring its colour without too much noise or colour banding.




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No hints yet, Andrew, but I haven't been back to that part of the park lately. If it's bugs, I'd expect the other trees to get sick within a few months.

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