Sunset over the lake

Here's an old one for you. It's on a lake up North whose identity remains a closely guarded secret. The boat is of course my trusty old Sunset Chaser, although at the time she was only in her third season.

There is something magical about being out on the water at night, even more so when it's a calm, warm night on a lake that will soon become glass-smooth. Back when this was taken, Sunset Chaser didn't have a boarding ladder, making night-time swims a somewhat more athletic endeavour- you had to heel the boat and climb over the gunwales to get back aboard. That certainly didn't detract from the wonder of floating around under the sunset (and later, the night sky), which in this part of northern Ontario is far more intricate and beautiful than could be imagined from inside a city.

Yes, that picture is hanging on our living room wall.



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