Sun, clouds and math

I still can't quite shake the feeling that digital shooting lacks something compared to good old-fashioned film. It's the highlights, I think; film tapers off (but never quite saturates) in bright spots where CCD and CMOS chips just clip at white. The film 'just works' in a way that requires careful tweaking to duplicate in digital.

On the flip side, all this computing power has given us new artistic techniques that were so tedious as to be nearly inconceivable in the old days. High dynamic range (HDR) processing is a great example. Ten years ago, I wouldn't have even thought of trying to squeeze an 18-stop (factor of 260,000) range from shadow to highlight into a single image. Now that it's possible, it looks really cool:

I've taken a liking to the awkwardly named Qtpfsgui (in the process of rebranding itself as Luminance HDR) for running the complicated mathematics behind this conversion, and Adobe Lightroom for the final colour and tone balancing.




Hey Matt. I finally got to

Hey Matt. I finally got to your site.Cool. Love the photo of the cottage with your Mom & Katy @ the dock!

Glad you like it :)

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There are a few more from this series that I haven't had time to post yet...

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