Spring wildlife: Reptiles, rodents and a few songbirds


Spring's here, and the local animals are back out....



The snake balls have unravelled, leaving the individual snakes out on their own.

Some, like this Garter Snake, are quite amenable to being handled and seem to enjoy the heat of human hands.

Others, like this Northern Water Snake framed nicely behind a bit of grass, are a bit more skittish (not to mention more likely to bite).

The accuracy of the camouflage is impressive.

Anyone who spends time outdoors in Ontario ought to recognize our next critter, the famously ill-tempered Snapping Turtle.

This particular fellow, with a shell length of about 16 cm, is just a young one- by age fifty, he'll be sporting a 30 to 40 cm carapace. That neck, by the way, can reach more than halfway around the shell if he feels the need to bite someone who's touching him. (We did not test this.)

Chimpunks and squirrels are (as usual) plentiful, curious, and fat with bird seed.

We're also starting to see the spring songbirds, including veerys:

Magnolia warblers:


Yellow warblers:

And some other (non-song) birds, including this hairy woodpecker:

And an eastern kingbird.

I'm looking forward to a weekend with a bit less cloud cover (and thus better light) for more birding, and to get back out on the water....






This is definitely one of the best photos I have seen. Nice collection! Thanks Mate

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