Sin and redemption

Montreal is a city of great contrasts, and the juxtaposition of the city's remarkable religious architecture with its seedy, sexy nightlife is among the most dramatic.

The religious architecture of downtown Montreal is among the most remarkable to be found anywhere in North America. Built with love and passion by meticulous, skilled craftspeople, these magnificent buildings provide a firm anchor for the city's pious and devoted.

Not far down the road, though, we have eye-catching buildings dedicated to a different theme: Temptation!

Ahh, but perhaps these temptations are overwhelming for some; it would appear that even the currency changer can't resist them. Redemption awaits.

For the dedicated Rue Ste-Catherine tourist, though, this is only the beginning. Sin is calling, always, just around the corner.

How shall we fund all this lust? With usury, of course!

Coffers temporarily restocked, one may find no shortage of additional dark temptations along Ste-Catherine.

Wait, that's just a classy clothing boutique. Apparently it's hard to tell what's what around here.

Perhaps we should end with redemption.




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