Scarborough Bluffs

Just a few random shots from the weekend for you today.... down in Scarborough for truck shopping, and can you really pass up a waterfront walk when it's just a few blocks away and you just happen to have a picnic lunch packed?


The Scarborough Bluffs, soft and very much exposed, are rapidly eroding into all sorts of fascinating shapes. Including (at least according to Katy) Lincoln having a nap:

The beach is just covered in driftwood; you're clambering over heaps of it every few metres.

Sadly, Scarborough's waterfront is not at all well kept. There's almost as much man-made debris as there is driftwood, of which old tires are perhaps the most obvious component.

Rusted-out junk and shredded fencing litter the landscape. You can't go barefoot on the sand, because hooligans smash up beer bottles by the case down here on a regular basis.

East Point would be a real gem of a park, if only the rest of the beach's users could be as clean and respectful as the naturists who (unofficially) use the western stretch of sand in the warm season. That part of the beach appears to be much better kept than the beautiful, but junk-ridden, areas closer to the parking lot.




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