Photo Rates

Current photo pricing is as follows. Ontario's 13% HST may apply.

Session Fees (On Location)

  • Standard sitting fee:
    • $150 setup cost
    • Plus $50 per hour of shooting
    • No limits on who or what we shoot during that time (ie. no per-person fees)
  • This includes:
    • Travel within Kingston, ON (Travel to locations outside Kingston is billed at $0.60/km).
    • Basic digital retouching (cropping, colour balancing, airbrush skin blemishes, etc.)
    • Web-quality JPEG files of all good photos (photographer's selection), on FTP or CD.
    • Permissive licence terms (or Creative Commons licence) allowing you to use and share the photos non-commercially.
  • Extra equipment: Some very complex photo shoots may require additional equipment to be rented, such as exotic lenses or ultra-powerful lighting. If this is the case, we'll include these costs in the initial estimate. The rental costs will be billed to the client.

Digital Files

  • Print-quality JPEG files from your shoot (including permissive non-commercial usage rights):
    • Individual images (client's selection): $15 each
    • CD/DVD set of all good photos (photographer's selection): $3 per file, typically about 30 to 60 photos per hour of shooting
    • Files can be colour-managed for a particular printer if you have that machine's ICC profile, straight sRGB or AdobeRGB otherwise
  • Advanced digital retouching (also available as a stand-alone service): $65/h

Gallery-quality prints (including reprints of published work)

  • 4"x6": $15
  • 5"x7" or 6"x8": $20
  • 8"x10": $30
  • 12"x18": $40
  • Larger formats or non-standard media: Call for details.

Postage within Canada is included, foreign postage is added at cost. Our prints are made on Fuji Crystal Archive or comparable paper using the time-proven silver halide photochemical process. We provide a lifetime guarantee on all our prints: If it fades, we'll reprint it for free.

Commercial Shoots / Use of Stock Photos

Commercial shoots often call for more complex contracts and licence agreements. The rates listed above will apply to the shoot itself. To that, we can add a commercial exclusive use licence whose price depends on the nature of the project.

The cost of commercial licences, whether for a commissioned shoot or for stock photos from my collections, is in general accordance with CAPIC fee schedules. Contact us for details.