Lights and ice

I love shooting at night. In the absence of natural light, the mundane can become extraordinary.

And while I'm not exactly a cold-weather person, winter does have its charms. Especially at night.

Sorting through some of my old files, I came across this series of images. Several days of icy wind storms had churned up Lake Ontario, and the spray froze onto whatever it touched- in this case, the street lamps along the waterfront pathway at Spencer Smith Park in Burlington, Ontario. The resulting sculptures, lit from within by sodium-vapour bulbs, were marvelous.

Turning the lens lakeward and taking long exposures (4 s, f/3.2, ISO100), the lake's rolling whitecaps blurred together under a jet-black sky.

And looking towards Hamilton, the sky was ablaze with the glow of the city lights. (4 s, f/2.8, ISO100)

If you're wondering about the technical details, it's nothing fancy- the lights were shot at 1/4 to 1/60 s, f/2.8 to f/4, ISO100 and what you see here are unretouched images from my 2003-vintage Olympus C750.






I will call it a natural scenery with the help of artificial equipment.. its beautiful.
The image of the street lamp covered by ice itself defines many sentences, for me its a light of hope from inside of a dark cave...

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