Hostas, marigolds and zinnias

I haven't had much to say lately, so here are a few of the flowers from our front garden. Just because they're there. And they're beautiful. Enjoy!

(As usual, photos are clickable for higher resolution / fewer compression artefacts.)

For the horticulturally inclined: No, we don't feed these flowers anything special; Katy just dropped the appropriate seeds in what little good topsoil we have. (The hostas came with the house and grow faster than we can trim them back.) They get a nice dose of water every couple of days and a jug of Miracle-Gro every month or two.

For the technically inclined: These were shot in direct sunlight in late afternoon. Other than downsampling to half the original resolution, there's no post-processing on these shots. The camera's an Olympus C750, vintage 2003, and most of the above shots are at f/2.8, ISO 50 or 100 in super macro mode.



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