Ice Storm Aftermath

Part of living in Kingston is that we have to deal with ice storms.

It's cold, it's slippery, the roads are barely passable, trees fall down, the power goes out, the buses are late, and it takes the better part of an hour to chisel your car out from a solid block of ice.

But it is oh so beautiful at night.

Lights and ice

I love shooting at night. In the absence of natural light, the mundane can become extraordinary.

And while I'm not exactly a cold-weather person, winter does have its charms. Especially at night.

Sorting through some of my old files, I came across this series of images. Several days of icy wind storms had churned up Lake Ontario, and the spray froze onto whatever it touched- in this case, the street lamps along the waterfront pathway at Spencer Smith Park in Burlington, Ontario. The resulting sculptures, lit from within by sodium-vapour bulbs, were marvelous.

Frozen fog

The Kingston winter should have hit by now. Instead, it's cool, sunny and still rather green.

For those who are wishing for the "real" winter to arrive, here are a few shots from January 2005. We had a very humid, dead calm evening followed by a flash freeze, and the fog precipitated out onto the trees as ice crystals. It was one of those sublimely beautiful things that make the Canadian winter worth sticking around for.

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