Photography & the Arts

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Photography is my visual art of choice when I'm away from the drawing board. I tend to experiment a lot, manipulating light and colour in unusual ways in the hunt for interesting visual effects.

If you're in or near Kingston, Ontario and are interested in a unique portrait, personal or commercial shoot, I might be the photographer you're looking for. (This section of the site is still under construction, so it might look a bit sparse for now- and please contact me if something's missing or broken.)

If you see something here that would look good on your wall, ask about ordering a print.

Photography: Articles & Ramblings

Hostas, marigolds and zinnias

I haven't had much to say lately, so here are a few of the flowers from our front garden. Just because they're there. And they're beautiful. Enjoy!

(As usual, photos are clickable for higher resolution / fewer compression artefacts.)

Ice-up day

It's that time of year again... ice-up day in Kingston! It's hard to tell whether the lake is frozen clear across to Wolfe Island (I don't dare walk out on day-old ice), but what's here is clear, clean and covered in ducks.

Ice on Lake Ontario

These little guys insist on sticking around, whatever the weather. They're not particularly well sheltered from the wind, though.