Photography & the Arts

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Photography is my visual art of choice when I'm away from the drawing board. I tend to experiment a lot, manipulating light and colour in unusual ways in the hunt for interesting visual effects.

If you're in or near Kingston, Ontario and are interested in a unique portrait, personal or commercial shoot, I might be the photographer you're looking for. (This section of the site is still under construction, so it might look a bit sparse for now- and please contact me if something's missing or broken.)

If you see something here that would look good on your wall, ask about ordering a print.

Photography: Articles & Ramblings

Sin and redemption

Montreal is a city of great contrasts, and the juxtaposition of the city's remarkable religious architecture with its seedy, sexy nightlife is among the most dramatic.

Tower House

The demolition of a local landmark is always a bit sad.

Temples old and new

We build temples to God, and we build temples to Commerce. It can make for an interesting study in contrasts.

The old planing mill

It could be any small town, anywhere, any time in the last 80 years or so. Some things never change.

Ghost garage

No commentary today, just a few remnants of a dying Northern Ontario town.

The cult of RAW?

Q: When should you shoot RAW format?

(a) Always!

(b) Always, unless you're running out of space on your last card

(c) When you know you'll be doing some aggressive post-processing

(d) Never!

Wind + summer = kiteboarders?

MBM20130729-153952-3149s.jpgHey, it certainly looks like a valid equation if you hang out on the Queen's University waterfront.

Decay in farm country

Just a few farm scenes for today....